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06 August 2012 @ 05:33 pm
Before sign-ups go out on August 11, please make sure to read the following rules. If you have a question, now is the time to ask!

Fic Games is a team-based fic challenge. Writers are sorted into 3 teams and write fic based on their team category and a prompt to earn points.

1. Writers sign up
2. Writers are sorted into teams (Team AU, Team Future, Team Present). They receive an email with their team confirmation and an invitation to the team community.
3. Within the team communities, writers get to know who is in their team and decide on who writes which prompts.
4. Fics should be submitted to the je.fictiongames@gmail.com by the end of October 25, 2012.
5. Fics are posted anonymously, with the indication of the team and the prompt only.
6. Readers vote on individual fics (in the polls included in the fic posts).
7. Mods calculate totals, and results as well as writers are revealed!

Writers are sorted into three teams:

- Team Alternate Universe(AU): At least one of the boys have never been in JE. Includes all variations of alternate reality: magic, pirates, spaceships, office au, etc.
!!!: Team Alternate Universe also includes the former “What-If” team. This means a fic essentially in JE chronology where one thing in the past did not happen (e.g.: Jin did not leave KAT-TUN, NEWS was never formed, instead TomaPi debuted, ...).

- Team Future: Essentially futurefic. The boys have been or still are in JE. Their past is the canon we are familiar with, but since then time has passed.

- Team Present: Team canon. It can be anything from the distant past to the present as long as it is compliant with JE chronology.

In Fic Games, everything functions as a team. Within a team, everyone knows the members in their team and who took which prompts. However, no one outside of the team knows what is going on inside the teams.

Each team will be “given” a community where prompts will be claimed. This community would serve as a basecamp where members of the same team can toss around ideas and support each other. It is up to team members how they will use the community. You don’t actually have to communicate with other people if you so wish. However, part of the fun of Fic Games is interacting with and making new friends, so we highly encourage you to post in it, chat, ask for advice and most of all have fun!

This year’s prompts will be based on quotes from JE idols . Although prompt adherence is part of the scoring criteria, we encourage creative interpretation of prompts and believe that voters will be open minded as well.

The exact prompts will be posted on September 2, after sign ups are over and assignments are sent out. Team members will then claim their prompts in their respective team communities. They can, of course, bargain and switch the prompts as they wish within the team.

Each prompt can only generate one fic per team - no duplicates are allowed.

Each writer will thus produce a fic that is both compliant with their team category and a prompt.

- Fics must be over 1500 words long

- All fics must be beta read

- All fics must include at least one member of Johnny & Associates (Johnny’s Juniors count as a member too). It can include just one band or crossovers between various bands. The choice of characters is up to each writer. You can have characters from outside of Johnny’s as long as the fic is centered around at least one J&A idol.

- Any genre (het, slash, gen etc) is fine. However, scenes of sex involving a person under the age of 18 are not allowed.

At the end of every fic that is posted, there will be polls for readers to rate the fics based on the following criteria:

- How much did you like the fic? (Rated 1-10, 10 being the best)
- How well was the prompt utilized? (1-5, 5 being the best)
- How true does the fic stay to the team's category? (1-5, 5 being the best)

All points from all voters will be added up. Team scores will be the cumulative total of all the scores of the fics by the writers of the same team.

Participating writers can’t vote on the fics written for the team they belong to. They can, however, vote for the fics of other teams. Polls will close one week after posting is over. The team with the highest cumulative score wins.

A separate sign up post will be open from August 11, 2012 to August 26, 2012.

In your sign up form, you will indicate which team(s) you would like to be in and which you wouldn’t want to be part of. Referees will do their best when sorting people into teams, however we cannot guarantee that you will be in the team that you most desire to be in.

Sign-up form also allows you to sign up as a beta reader or a pinch hitter only.

If you still have any questions, leave a comment here or drop us an email at je.fictiongames@gmail.com.
Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire: First loves ♥crazy_otaku911 on August 12th, 2012 12:52 am (UTC)
Hi! I... am reading this and trying to understand if you're saying Juniors count or don't count for 'One member of J&A'. x: Do they or don't they?
game_referee: the refereegame_referee on August 12th, 2012 08:59 am (UTC)
They do.

Let me fix up the rules so they read easier. Thanks for pointing it out.

Edited at 2012-08-12 08:59 am (UTC)
Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire: Always an Idolcrazy_otaku911 on August 12th, 2012 12:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :3