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JE Fic Games

The Battle for Internet Fame, Starts Now.

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What is je_ficgames?
The JE Fic Games is a team competition taken from the idea of hd_worldcup. There are three teams divided among three different categories (AU, Present, Future). Each person within a team will produce his/her own fic in accordance with their team's genre and a prompt, all to add to the glory of their team. This is NOT a pairing's competition.

All fic will be posted anonymously, giving readers a chance to rate fic without writer bias. Points are cumulative. The team with the most points will win!
Important Dates

Sign-Ups: August 11 - 26
Assignments sent out: September 2
Claims: September 3
Fics due: October 25
Posting: November 3
End of voting: 1 week after the posting is over
Reveals, results: 2 days after the end of voting
Contacting Us
More detailed rules can be found here. If you need to contact us, please do so at je.fictiongames@gmail.com

je_ficgames is run by sashjun (The Pink) and alternatejess(The Grey).
Join Us?

Please do not join the community. Posting access is restricted to the mods. People are welcome to watch the community though!
Afilliate with us!
Afiliated with je_holiday; je_prompts; je_whiteday. Running a JE fic exchange or contest? Affiliate with us!

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